Are you at a cross roads in your relationships or career and feeling so stressed you can’t decide which way to go? Are you totally stressed out at work and don’t know how to handle it? Are you recovering from a major illness and need to plan a new way forward? Do you feel unfulfilled, not sure where your life is headed? Do you know what you need to do to feel less stressed but need help to get there? Personal stress management coaching sessions help you find your path to create a full and deeply satisfying life by managing stress more effectively. Individual coaching sessions help you identify the causes of stress - which may be internal or external -and work towards bringing clarity and meaning into your life. How does personal coaching work and how does it help? Focusing on your unique strengths and abilities, Gwenda helps you identify what you would really like to achieve. She then works with you to identify what is causing you stress in your life and what is most helpful for your unique situation. Gwenda’s collaborative and sensitive approach is extremely helpful to clarify the way forward; as most of us tend to get caught up in our habitual thinking patterns and go over and over the same ground, or become so stressed that we can’t think clearly. Gwenda’s approach to stress management coaching is grounded in the principles of mindful awareness and developing inner calm and self-compassion. Personal stress management coaching will help you to: Understand your unique strengths Overcome fears and self -doubt Develop confidence and clarity of direction Recognise self- limiting patterns Cope better with stress and achieve inner calm Open to your deepest heart’s desire Develop compassion for yourself and others Personal Stress Management Coaching Sessions: Gwenda meets with you in 3 or 4 one hour sessions which are normally face to face but can be over the phone or by Skype. Once you feel confident that you have charted a way forward and your plan of action is in place, she provides follow up support by phone and/or email. Book an appointment with Gwenda Cannard by contacting (03) 9690 1080 or emailing