Autism often manifests differently in women and girls and can go undiagnosed. According to Autism Awareness Australia women and girls often 'slip under the radar' because diagnostic criteria for Autism is largely based on how Autism presents in males. This can mean that women and girls are likely to miss out on accessing the right tools to have better mental health and functioning. We offer Emotion Regulation Skills Training, Help With Anxiety, Depression and Eating Issues, Distress Tolerance Skills Training and Support, Interpersonal Communication Skills Training, Sensory Modulation Therapy, parent support and other forms of Support for women and girls with Autism and their loved ones. If you have Autism you may be applicable for NDIS funding to help cover the cost of your consultations. You can also access the Mental Health Care Plan obtained from your General Practitioner (GP). The Mental Health Care Plan enables you to access a Medicare rebate to help cover the cost of your session. The Medicare rebate for a clinical psychologist is $126.50. To book in for our Autism Programs please call (03) 9690 1080 or book online.