The MBS notification and factsheet for the new eating disorder items, commencing on 1 November 2019, are now OFFICIAL and available on the MBSOnline website. This means our current clients and future clients with eating disorders will be able to access many more Medicare rebates for sessions with a Clinical Psychologist AND Dietitian. It should enable a full year of treatment! (Currently its limited to 10 sessions per year). From 1 November 2019, a new suite of 64 Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) items will be introduced to support a model of best practice evidence based care for patients with anorexia nervosa and other eligible patients with eating disorders. This new item structure means eligible clients will be able to receive a Medicare rebate under an Eating Disorder Treatment and Management Plan. The new system will allow for: - a course of evidence based eating disorder psychological treatment services (up to a total of 40 psychological services in a 12 month period) - and up to 20 dietetic services, in a 12 month period, depending on treatment needs. Melbourne Centre for Womens Mental Health have Senior Clinical Psychologists and Senior Dietitian who all have extensive experience in the field of Eating Disorders, having held senior roles in Public and Private Eating Disorder Specialist Programs, published and presented in the area of Eating Disorders and have the knowledge, skills and experience to support people with a range of Eating Disorders. Having dedicated many years to supporting people with Eating Disorders, their families and friends and communities, we welcome these changes that will allow for some of our clients to access Medicare Rebates for an entire year.